We turn our attention to whiskey this week.

Do you like drinking whiskey? If yes, you are probably aware of the various facts every whiskey fan should know about this famous drink. Given you got the right whiskey guide, there are so many ways and combinations for you to enjoy a glass of whiskey. Additionally, there are some very interesting whiskey cocktail recipes you should try out. So, why not do that now?

Our whiskey guide is ideal for every fan of this famous drink.


Discover cool whiskey facts and the best whiskey brands

That’s exactly why we published our own guide on whiskey. For only $2.99, you get a book that’s packed with interesting facts. It comes with recipes that will make every glass of whiskey special.

But the book doesn’t stop there. It also explains what proof is and why it matters so much for your whiskey. You will discover the right way to judge a good whiskey, including how it should look, smell, and most importantly, taste.

Does the name Jack Daniels mean anything to you? Then, you may want to know what killed him. Or maybe you’re only curious about the health benefits of whiskey. Or you simply want to learn how to make a Rusty Nail.

Thanks to our whiskey guide, you can learn everything there is to know about most of the common whiskeys.

The book is perfect both for those new to whiskey and those who experienced its rich, full taste years ago. Ultimately, it can help anyone choose a whiskey brand that meets all their needs and reminds them why they fell in love with this beverage in the first place.

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