We have a new book promotion for you. In other words, you have yet another chance to claim 2 books for free and add them to your eBook catalog. So, what are they about this time? Vikings history and music history. Check them out.

Vikings history: from the history of “Rune Stones” to “Norse Mythology”

Vikings history is currently free on Amazon KindleWho were the Vikings? Did they earn the reputation of remorseless raiders and greedy pirates? Were they more than the mere barbarians and plunderers that history makes them out to be?


Music history: from prehistoric sounds to classical music, jazz, rock music, pop music, and electronic music

Our book on music history is currently free on Amazon Kindle. Take a quick dip into our relationship with sound and movement through time. You’ll learn how music and songs grew from humble beginnings into an art that enriches, entertains, and relaxes us.


Don’t forget, you have 4 days to claim both the Vikings History and Music History book. So hurry up and do that today!

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