This week, we'll be discussing interesting theories and secrets concerning ufos and aliens

This week, we’ll be talking about a very interesting topic. We believe it’s a topic that will never grow old. What of it is true? What of it is nothing more than the result of someone’s imagination? Without further ado, let’s check out some of the most interesting theories and secrets concerning UFOs and aliens.

Area 51

Area 51

Area 51 is also known as Dreamland. Officially, it is a military base near Las Vegas, Nevada. You can find it by the name of Groom Lake, too, because of the dry lake bed. This area is 10 miles long and 6 miles wide. Recently, additional 85,000 acres around that area were “marked” as forbidden. Hence, ordinary citizens and observer can’t access it.

In that whole space, there is a large air base the government doesn’t talk about. Only people who take an oath of secrecy for life may get in the circle. As a result, those who work in the base are taken to their work stations in an airplane with blacked-out windows.

There’s a belief that the secret structures are built deep within the ground and go up to 30-40 stories down. The whole base is covered with sensors that can detect even the slightest of motions. There are guards patrolling all over the place. They won’t hesitate to kill anyone who doesn’t belong in the area.

There’s even a board of directors and some of the people that might be involved in it include:

  • Frank Carlucci – the former deputy director of CIA
  • General Joseph Carroll – the former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) director
  • Clarence Kelly – the former FBI director
  • James J. Rowley – the former secret service director
  • William Casey – the former CIA director
  • Admiral Bobby Ray Inman – the former deputy CIA director

Area 51 sign

The first public mention of Area 51 was in 1955. It was opened as a place to test the U-2 spy plane by Lockheed Aircraft. However, as years passed by, it became known as a cover-up for UFOs and Aliens by the US government. Today, it is considered a place where some scientists test recovered alien spacecraft to see how it works. Apparently, there’s a place in Area 51 called S-4, where only the most secret research experiments are conducted.

Since the public knows all of this, we can’t exactly say it’s a secret. There’s no person in the United States who doesn’t know anything about Area 51. Also, every military power in the world is aware of it. The international Open Skies Treaty allows other countries to fly over the base when needed. This way, the USA gets to fly above other countries’ military bases as well. So, it is believed that Area 51 is run by more countries in the world, not just the US government.

There are also claims of a superplane named Aurora that was designed on the premises of Area 51. The cost of building Aurora is estimated at $15 billion. Apparently, the plane works on controlled explosions of ammonia and cryogenic methane. It can reach speeds of around 6000 miles per hour. Naturally, it leaves a vapor trail. The whole aerodynamics of Aurora is very different from the planes we know and use. Aurora is a dangerous plane to fly and can cause a lot of damage.

Area 51 superplane

Area 51 is subject to many lawsuits.

People who worked there started experiencing strange symptoms, like their skin falling off and turning red. Also, some of them died under unexplained conditions. These people’s families are suing the US government. There are also employee statements that the base works with illegal toxic waste which is dumped and burned. That might be the reason for the aforementioned deaths.

The lawsuits are a big threat to the government. They are afraid that the much-needed secrecy will be endangered and Area 51 could be closed. There was an attempt to release environmental reports to the public by Bill Clinton, but it didn’t go through.

Two men have publicly spoken about Area 51. One of them is physicist Bob Lazar. He claimed that he had worked on alien spacecraft. Apparently, there were nine alien saucers under observation. Bob’s story is long and very controversial. After he publicly spoke, all his evidence of attending school and records of employment disappeared. His story might not be that convincing, but the fact that it was confirmed by other people should raise an eyebrow or two.

Bob’s story was confirmed by another employee at Area 51 who goes by the name of Jarod 2. The name Jarod is a reference to an alien who was housed in one of the bases. Jarod 2 is a retired engineer. He claimed he had seen gray aliens during his work. Apparently, he had permission to talk about the project publicly, so the world could be prepared for the truth. In his words, the whole project was even more advanced than what Bob Lazar had known.

Some UFO and alien encounters

Now that we’re done talking about Area 51, it’s time for a few stories which may or may not be true. There is no real evidence to support them. Only witnesses.

Time travel

Alien abduction

A married couple in their twenties was driving through Nevada at 9pm. Suddenly, the clock showed 6am. The couple claimed they had been abducted by aliens. They said it was a strange experience and they couldn’t explain it. They never really found out what happened.

Later on, the couple got divorced and ceased all communication. However, the stories of both partners match every single detail. That’s what makes this whole thing at least slightly believable.

Mysterious sky

Alien saucer

A girl looked through the window and noticed an object that was shining very bright. She looked up and realized it was the only “star” in the sky. She called her roommate to observe it with her. They came to the conclusion that it’s not a star, and not a plane either. The light stood completely still and was turning brighter until it eventually dimmed. Then, it suddenly started moving left and right. The movements were immensely quick.

One of the girls was terrified and grabbed her phone. She flashed towards the light. This “caused” the light to become 3D and change its luminosity. It came closer to the window before moving again and finally zooming away. As for the girls, they were terrified and didn’t sleep at all that night.

There are countless more theories and secrets about UFOs and aliens to tell

To sum up, we could spend weeks writing about interesting UFO and alien secrets and stories. In fact, we have a book about it and we encourage you to check it out. If you enjoyed reading this article, you can’t go wrong with it!

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