You may think your life is perfect and nothing can change that. But are you aware that a disaster might strike when you least expect it? Hence, you should always be ready to face any kind of emergency and protect yourself, as well as the ones you love. All things considered, it goes without saying you need to know the essential survival skills.

At Lean Stone Publishing, we’re aware that lots of people want to get their hands on a friendly survival guide. As a result, we published our own book that gives you a detailed overview of all the survival skills, tools and tactics you should learn. You never know whether a threat is lurking behind the nearest corner. Do your best to always be prepared to face even the worst of scenarios.

Survival Guide: Survival Skills, Survival Tools, & Survival Tactics

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With the growing threats, both domestic and natural, the need for preparedness has never been more urgent! Get serious and take responsibility for you and the people around you.

At $2.99, you really have no reason not to give this book a read today! You simply can’t go wrong if you purchase a guide to some of the most essential skills that can save a life, isn’t that right?


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