The history of South America has been primarily marked by the influence of the greater powers in each time period. The moment Columbus stepped on American soil marked a pivotal change in the fate of an entire continent. That’s why it is with great pleasure that we’re introducing our brand new book on South American history.

South American History

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This is the first book to read if you want to become acquainted with the main events and people that shaped the history of South America. There is always more than meets the eye, and that is exactly what this book aims at showcasing. You will see that even the most insignificant of details may end up shaping the fate and landscape of a country or, in this case, an entire continent.

Ultimately, you will learn that the early civilizations of South America weren’t savages. Quite the opposite – they successfully managed to develop a rich and flourishing culture. Even though it was different than that of Europe, it was just as fascinating.

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