Our latest book promotion will help you establish micro habits.

Today, we are bothered by too many distractions, like television, mobile phones, and tablets. This all keeps us from doing what we originally planned on doing. Add to that the fact that we are often procrastinators, too. We all know the importance of a healthy and effective habit.

But how can we have an effective habit if we are often too distracted? What if we have already failed when trying other habit building strategies?

Micro habits are tiny habits people do in order to get into doing something. Sometimes, they are so tiny, that you can do them in less than five minutes or even a minute! But how can it be a habit if it is so tiny? Well, let us explain. Don’t let the fact that they are tiny fool you. These habits are the foundation of a much bigger routine that you will be able to build to finish big.

The importance of establishing micro habits

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These are tiny goals that you can do before or after an already established habit. An example of this is plucking eyebrows for women. You’ll agree that most of us have already established a routine of brushing our teeth when we wake up. We can make use of that routine. To be able to establish a new micro habit, after brushing your teeth, you can commit to plucking one hair from each of your eyebrows. Yes, just one.

It’s time you learned about micro habits, why they work, and why you should start them. Our book will also help you stay on the lookout for the most common habit killers that make people give up.

Good luck on starting your new micro habits!

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