It's easy to recognize good books, i.e. books that are worth reading.

There are millions of books available and we can get most of them online nowadays. All it takes are a few clicks and we can add as many books as we want to our digital collection. However, how can you tell if a book is worth reading? Is there a sure-fire way? Fortunately, the majority of readers agree that good books are indeed recognizable. Here’s what you can expect from a good book:

  • It’s always able to teach you something new;
  • Shares tips and advice that can genuinely help you both short-term and long-term;
  • Makes you think about its topic(s) / story even after you are done reading it;
  • Takes you on an unforgettable journey;
  • Can have an amazing story, even if the style of writing is average;
  • Shows clear signs of character development throughout the story.

It's easy to tell good books from bad books.

Lean Stone Book Club – your primary nonfiction source for good books

At The Lean Stone Book Club, we are 100% focused on releasing short books that can take you on a journey towards self-improvement. You can use our books as a guide, and soon enough, the results will be there for you to see.

We cover various topics, like health, wealth, spiritual development, and history. Feel free to check our most popular books and see if they are right up your alley. From the History of the USA, to music history and proper etiquette, we got it all covered. Plus, at $2.99 per book, we can assure you all our books are well worth the price. Here’s to lots and lots more good books to come!

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