This week, we list some of the top reasons we love eBooks

So you definitely know this by now – we’re mainly dedicated to publishing short eBooks which discuss health, wealth, spirituality, history, and personal development. At the same time, there’s no need to point out that at LSP, we are all big fans of reading, be it eBooks or their printed counterparts. So far, we’ve listed some of the benefits of eBooks. This time, we’ll be taking our article to a more personal level. We’re about to share with you the top reasons we love eBooks so much.

Top five reasons we love eBooks

  • You can get (download) the eBook you want instantly. In most of the cases, all it takes is one click for you to purchase the eBook(s) of your choice.
  • Lots of eBooks (including ours) come with bonus material that you get for free. For example, you can pay for one book and end up with two, or even three new titles in your eBook collection.
  • Forget about those bookmarks! No need to look for the extra bookmark any longer. Reading an eBook, most of the devices let you pick up where you left off. As simple as that.
  • You can store tens of thousands of eBooks on your computer/phone/eBook reader. You don’t have to worry about running out of space.
  • Reading in darkness! You won’t be bother anyone else and at the same time, you can still enjoy reading your favorite eBooks.

We feel like we should mention this once more – we love paperbacks, too! In fact, we believe that as long as it’s a good book, it doesn’t matter how one reads it. Still, there’s no harm in sharing the reasons we love eBooks with you, right?

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