Independence Day (4th of July) is one of America’s biggest holidays.
In July 1776, during the American Revolutionary War, representatives from 13 North American colonies of the kingdom of Great Britain voted to declare themselves independent from the crown. Thus, they formed the United States of America. Two days after that historic vote, on July 4 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed – and each year since, Americans have been doing their best to celebrate it.

Families often celebrate Independence Day by hosting or attending a picnic or a barbecue. Many make the most out of their day off or, in some years, the long weekend, and spend time with relatives or friends. But, since the situation with the pandemic is far from resolved, maybe we can skip the gatherings for now.

What is certainly a harmless activity is reading some patriotic books. Therefore, let’s check some suggestions we uncovered for this important holiday.

  1. The Tory Widow by Christine Blevins.

  2. Benjamin Franklin’s Bastard by Sally Cabot.

  3. The Fort: A Novel of the Revolutionary War by Bernard Cornwell.

  4. An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon.

  5. The Glorious Cause: A Novel of the American Revolution by Jeff Shaara.

  6. The Turncoat: Renegades of the Revolution by Donna Thorland.

  7. Dead, White, and Blue: A Death on Demand Mystery by Carolyn Hart.

  8. The Men Who Lost America: British Leadership, the American Revolution and the Fate of the Empire by Andrew Jackson O’Shaughnessy.

  9. South and West by Joan Didion.

    and last, but not least –

  10. American History by Lean Stone Book Club.



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