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If you have ever written your own song, you have probably arranged music without even knowing it. But somebody who has arranged music has not necessarily composed original music. Music arrangement means writing different parts for different instruments and singers, deciding on a form (for example by using verses, choruses, a bridge and so on), and trying to enhance the melody and make the music sound unique in every way possible.

Even if you might not have thought much about arranging previously, you have already heard many arrangements. You might have heard a song, originally a slow ballad, be turned into a disco song, or a pop song being performed by a barbershop group. The reason these various versions of the songs sound so different is that they have been arranged.

There are lots of different techniques that an arranger can use in order to create a wonderful arrangement that is interesting to listen to and that captures the audience. In this book, you will learn how to write your own arrangement. Then, we’ll look at tips and tricks that will make it easy for you to continue on your own.

Music arrangement: for beginners

This week we introduce our book on music arrangement for

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