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We’re happy to see that our book promotions are doing quite well on Amazon. That’s why we decided to have another one. As always, you got 4 days to get the following books: Europe (and European history) and Mythology.

Europe: European History

Europe and European history

Discover how disease, disaster, politics and invention ensured Europe’s development into Modern times. Human kind’s thirst for knowledge, the sacrifice of the masses, and the lives and inventions of exceptional people drove the development of Modern Europe.

This book delivers a short dunk into European History designed to awaken your curiosity and inspire critical thinking about the shaping of the European Union. From the Black Death to the European Union, each chapter examines a significant period or theme and the famous people, events, and inventions that contributed to it. It concludes with a series of questions that will compel you to stop and consider the far-reaching effects of people and events of the past.

Mythology: Folklore, Myths and Legends

Mythology: Foklore, Myths and Legends

How can you tell if a story is more than just a story? When does it become a myth? When it holds a piece of truth about our history, our morality, and the cosmos.

Throughout history, humankind has used stories to explain the unknown. From the cycle of the moon to the changing of the seasons, tales about supernatural beings and events have served to account for the purpose of the cosmos. But mythology isn’t entirely fiction. These stories have been passed down for generations for a reason. They also hold a kernel of truth about our ancestors and our world.

Don’t forget, the free promotion ends on Thursday (June 28). So, go grab these 2 books right away!

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