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In our rat race world, we almost have no time to ponder the deeper things. Most Christians have grown up hearing all sorts of Christian prayers and most have said more than a few prayers. But developing a daily habit of meaningful prayer may seem too hard.

Guide to the most common Christian prayers that help you embrace and hold onto a prayer habit for life

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Our book will not only show you how powerful daily Christian prayers can be in your life, but also how, no matter how busy or awkward you feel, you can develop a daily habit of prayer.

This guide will teach you:

  • What it means to pray
  • How to pray every day without feeling guilty or overwhelmed
  • How to make your prayers simple and powerful
  • What the true power of prayer is
  • The role of persistence in prayer

Each chapter has stories explaining the different aspects of prayer. From both the ancient men and women of the Bible to modern men and women fighting the same daily battles that you face.

If you need something to lift your spirits and fill you with the desire to communicate with God through prayer, you should get our book today. All the lessons you will find inside are simple and profound. If you only have time for one book about Christian prayers, make sure it’s this one. It will only take you a few hours to acquire a deeper understanding of prayer. You will also find the will to pray every day and make it a healthy habit for life.

Invite the power of prayer into your life today!

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