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It’s another week for free books! We know that a lot of our fans are excited when we announce our next book promotions, so let’s get straight to it. Starting tomorrow, you can get our books on Astral Projection and Reincarnation for free. Make sure you grab your free copies this Monday by simply clicking their titles or book covers (promotion ends on June 22).

Astral Projection

You can get our book on Astral Projection for free starting tomorrow

Have you ever dreamed about leaving your body and having an Out-of-Body Experience (OBE), a.k.a. astral projection? Or do you sometimes think about the afterlife or possible reincarnation? Or perhaps you are just in the mood for an exciting journey?
Reading this book, you will learn to travel through the Astral World and perform a projection. It will serve as your step-by-step guide through the process of astral projection. Ultimately, the book will help you create the best possible circumstances for achieving your goal of an astral travel in no time.


Our book on Reincarnation will be free starting tomorrow

If you want to get to the ultimate truth, we have no doubt our book will attract your attention. It’s an eBook that will give you the answers to all your questions regarding reincarnation and the afterlife. Reincarnation facts are still regarded as a mystery among the majority of people. But if there’s one thing we can say for sure, it’s that they will make you look at life and death from a completely different perspective!

To sum up, here’s what you’ll discover reading this book:

  • Karma and the balancing of life activities
  • Remembering past lives
  • How we experience life after death

So, it’s time to stop wondering and waiting. Give yourself a chance to discover the truth about death and reincarnation and start living your life with a newly discovered peace of mind.

Don’t forget, the free promotion goes live tomorrow. Mark that down and grab these 2 unique books for free!

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  1. Thanks a lot for this information, truth that will guide man kind for generations.
    I have dreamt a lot while flying or feeling weightless and suspending freely in space since childhood . I would wish to start doing it voluntarily anytime I wish. I need to be helped on that.

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