In today’s day and age, flying anxiety, aviophobia, or any form of fear of flying can be crippling to both one’s personal and professional life. Once considered a luxury or a novelty even, flying has become not just a mode of transport, but the most convenient and widely used method for multinational corporations, and even students.

So with all these hundreds of thousands of people flying daily, you have to be wondering – why is it that you have this problem?

Well, to get your answer, we are going to have to do a little soul searching here. Because oftentimes, a fear of flying has little or nothing to do with the actual flying bit at all!

Strategies to get rid of fear of flying and anxiety

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How do you feel in small enclosed spaces? Are you afraid or feeling uncomfortable? Do you feel suffocated? How about heights and moving vehicles – are you afraid of either of those? If these sound like strange questions, take a minute to relate each of them to flying.

People who are flying have to face being in a small (or limited) space, where they are “trapped” by consequence. The same applies to heights and moving vehicles. Both of those are states you are by default ‘in’ just by being on a plane. This is why flying is so often a compilation of other fears that tend to come together. What we ultimately get is a mix of phobia triggers and causes.

Our book contains proven steps and strategies on how to overcome these triggers and become a stronger person. It helps first-time fliers, as well as veteran fliers with newly developed aviophobia to navigate the intricate waters of both accepting and dealing with their fears using knowledge and simple relaxation techniques as their tools. By the time you’re finished with the book, not only will you be free from this land-locking fear, but you will also have managed to truly learn from it. So let’s get ready to take flight in this journey of self-discovery!

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