Our first batch of brand new books is now published

It gives us great pleasure to say that the first batch of brand new books is now on Amazon. And to kick things off, you can claim both books for free. So hurry up, and get our guides on music theory and music composition today!

Music Theory for Beginners: Guide to Understanding the Basic Concepts of Music

Music Theory for BeginnersbuyThis book explores the basics of music theory. No matter if you’re a composer or just an β€œordinary” reader, you will learn the fundamentals of sheet music. Do this, and your next step will be composing your own melodies.

How to Compose Music: For Beginners

Music CompositionbuyMusic is made up of three building blocks: melody, harmony, and rhythm. This book briefly discusses how you can make these three parts work together when you take your first steps toward your very first composition! So, why not start this beautiful musical journey today? Who knows, you might just be the next great composer!

You can get these books for only $2.99 each on Amazon. However, we got a promotion that starts today and ends Jan 17. You can get both books for free during this period.

Our plan is to be releasing new books monthly, so make sure you check our website regularly. Or, you can also sign up to our book club which is one of the best ways to always stay up-to-date with all our activities.

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