Why does music composed a couple of hundred years ago sound so different from what you hear on MTV today? When was the piano invented? Why were people so angry with Igor Stravinsky? And was Mozart really as childish as he seems in some pop culture? Turns out, there are a lot of different music history questions you might need answered.

But just like any kind of history, music history serves to explain how things that are normal now came about and what people were thinking during the process. It also helps us understand how we are a product of history and not so different from our great-great-grandfathers.

Music history for beginners

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The thing that differentiates music history from regular history studies is that you get to listen to lots and lots of awesome music while you study. In fact, you should listen to music to make it more interesting and also learn to distinguish music from different eras. Knowing about historical music is important if you play an instrument. This will help you interpret the music you play well. At the same time, it is vital if you want to compose your own music in the future.

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