We got 2 history books up for grabs

When it comes to books on history, we’re not even trying to hide it. We’re always in the mood for some good history reads. That being said, remember our article from last week? You know, the one where we introduced our book on the History of China. Well then, in case you are still wondering whether you should buy it, we threw in a small incentive: you can get the book for free in the following 4 days, as part of our largest empires book promo.

Largest empires book promo

Largest empires: History of China

Here’s a reminder of what the book is about.

See how China emerged from centuries of isolation and transcended famine and civil war to become one of the most powerful nations in the world.

Learn how and why this once reclusive nation opened up its borders, leaped forward, and grew into a bustling metropolis. Discover the most influential dynasties, how they rose to power and how they molded the nation.

Remember, you can get this book for free by May 31. And now, there’s one more book we’d like to turn your attention to. A book that explores the rise and fall of history’s greatest empires.

Largest empires: History of Empires

Babylon. The Chinese Empire. The rise of Sparta. The Roman glory. The Ottoman supremacy. The British empire.

Journey through war, famine, conquest, and death with this thrilling study of empires whose leaders lost sight of their civic obligations, leading to revolts, social disruption, and inescapable destruction.

Seems interesting? Well then, hurry up and get this book right away. The promotion for both books ends on Thursday.

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