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The concept of immediate communication has always been appealing to man. Fortunately, this was made possible with the invention of the radio. Still, hardly anyone would’ve thought that mankind would reach this far. Without a doubt, it is interesting to analyze the early beginnings and history of radio. This way, we get a chance to assess the steps mankind had to take in order to make the technological advancements that have shaped the world.

History of Radio

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With the invention and growing popularity of the radio, the concept of mass culture had come to life. By the time television was invented, the function of the radio had been changed, and yet it still preserved a key part in modern society. One can argue that broadcast radio represented the essential mass medium in the entire world. Granted, people can nowadays question its functionality due to the growing use of the Internet, television and smart devices. However, it still represents a defining element of modernity.

Essentially, the question “who is the person behind this invention?” can lead to numerous controversies. This is primarily because, in most situations, an invention is the result and input of numerous talented and skilled individuals. You will clearly observe this as you continue reading this e-book on the history of the radio. So, make sure you get your copy today and start reading!

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