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New Zealand has always been known as a country with many beautiful landscapes. Places that look like they have been pulled out of a fairytale. In fact, it is known as the country that features most of the Lord of the Rings landscapes. This beautiful country is also referred to as the Māori Aotearoa and is a remote island that is found in the South Pacific Ocean – around 1,600 miles of Australia (which is actually its closest neighbor). The Dominion of New Zealand is made from two main islands – the North and the South – and is surrounded by beautiful small islands. All this is reason enough for you to want to learn more about the history of New Zealand.

People, Places and Events that Shaped the History of New Zealand

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New Zealand has gone through a fair number of successes and hard times. It struck gold, and it reaped profit from agriculture. But it also went through war – both with the world and its own people. The history of New Zealand might be short compared to others, but the scars would be seen forever. In a sense, these scars allowed the people of New Zealand to become who they are today.

By reading this book, you can find out how New Zealand expanded from a small colony and a group of Maori and became the country that it is today. Time to learn the history of New Zealand!

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