This week we introduce our book on the history of Mexico.

Mexico – the third largest country in Latin America – has a compelling and interesting history. In essence, the events that took place throughout the centuries have had a huge impact on the Mexican society of today, shaping its culture. That is why it is with great interest that people study the history of Mexico.

The story of this country may be a tad difficult to believe. Before the Spanish conquistadors invaded the territory, the area was inhabited by impressive civilizations, such as the Aztecs, the Maya, and the Olmecs. How was this even possible, you ask?

History of Mexico

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The country’s long war of independence ultimately resulted in Porfirio Díaz’s three subsequent decades of dictatorship. It is hard to understand why the people behind the revolution accepted the dictatorship of a one-party rule. But we’ll get into that later on.

Traveling to Mexico is, without a doubt, a unique, worthwhile experience. This way, you are able to get a taste of the country’s turbulent and abundant history. There are many stories that have gone untold. Meanwhile, other stories are so popular, that it’s safe to say they lost their essence. But all these combined made the country we see today.

Let’s find out more about the historical background of this nation, the events and the people that contributed to its creation today!

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