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Nowadays, when someone mentions Japan, it immediately summons images of samurais, the anime shows that have taken the entire world by storm, the Japanese writing that seems like alien language to an outsider, geishas, and the rather modest Japanese traditional houses with their frugal furnishings. But there is so much more to this country than anyone could ever imagine – that is to say, the history of Japan is incredibly rich and worthy of anyone’s attention.

For starters, traces of human inhabitancy in Japan go as far back as the Paleolithic period. That’s approximately 40,000 years ago. At some point during history, Japan was completely isolated from the rest of the world. The Japanese did not appear any less peculiar to Europeans than the Amerindian peoples found in South America by the Spanish. It was clear that they possessed a unique culture that Europeans hadn’t seen till then.

History of Japan: the most important people, places and events

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Our book will help you familiarize yourself with Japan since its earliest days. We will study each of the six stages in the history of Japan, emphasizing its most important events.

Even though we could start with Japan during the Paleolithic age, we will jump directly to ancient Japan. And that is not because Paleolithic Japan would not matter – you should be familiar with the fact that the first man-made tools were found on Japanese territory – but because not many things are known about it. And that is the case with pretty much every other country one would study from a historical point of view. Let us then proceed on this long journey, from ancient Japan to that of the 21st century. The history of Japan awaits!

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