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Israel – when you hear the name of this country, you might be overwhelmed by a bunch of mixed feelings regarding its controversial history, the way in which the country was founded, and the elements that led to what we’re experiencing today in the Middle East. But that’s perfectly normal. After all, this is the history of Israel we are talking about.

The Land of Israel could be introduced as the land where the Jewish People came into existence. It was also the place where two of the most influential faiths were formed – namely Judaism and Christianity.

The way in which the cultural and religious identity of this people was formed is definitely an intriguing phenomenon. Even after most Jews were forced into exile, the Jewish people never lost the connection with their land. Which is what basically contributed to the official establishment of the State of Israel in 1948.

Even the name of the country – Israel – draws inspiration from the name God had given to Jacob (Genesis 32:29). It is definitely an interesting journey to analyze the way in which this country has come to what it is today, from ancient until modern times.

People, Places, and Events that Shaped the History of Israel

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We released our brand new book with a single purpose: to provide readers with a brief outline of the main events that shaped the history of Israel. We invite you to come with us on this compelling journey – we are confident that you will find it immensely enjoyable!

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