Today, we introduce our book on the history of Great Britain

Are you curious about the history of Great Britain, its background, the main people that inhabited this land and the events that played the most important role throughout the centuries? If the answer is positive, we are confident that this book will address some of your curiosities. The goal of the book is to summarize what we consider to be some of the most influential and representative phases and events in the history of this country.

History of Great Britain

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At the same time, we have focused our attention on introducing some of the monarchs whose influence was critical. In the sense that they influenced the entire continent, not only Great Britain. Analyzing things in perspective, from a wider angle, can be mind-provoking, that’s for sure. And this is exactly what our book wants to achieve.

Without a doubt, history is subjective. It represents a form of discourse, the incorporation of everything that has been written by various people throughout time. It’s up to you to give your take on the historic events you will be reading about: be it the Roman Conquest, the Norman Conquest, the East India Company, or anything you might think of. Don’t hesitate to challenge your critical thinking, and try to analyze things from your perspective. Embarking on this journey with us should be a challenge!

We are happy that you’ve decided to be a part of the history of Great Britain. So let’s begin – just make sure you let go of your imagination first!

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