History of electronic music

Are you normally into classical music? Then, you may very well be wondering: why would I take an interest in electronic music? Or more specifically, the history of electronic music?

In all honesty, this is a good question. Many associate electronic music with modern day dance music. This one consisting of three chords and percussion that could make your heart stop if you’re not careful. Even though there is nothing wrong with that type of music (organized sounds that are intended for people to listen to, you know), it’s good to know that electronic music is so much more than that.

History of electronic music

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Ever since the first electric instruments came along, music with electronic elements has intertwined with regular, acoustic music. Today, it is a relationship that has changed music forever.

In this book, we discuss everything you need to know to get a good foundation when it comes to the history of electronic music. We will learn about the very first electronic instruments, what composers were important, how synthesizers came about, the role of science fiction, and how electronic music an important role in sonic art today.

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