Many people see it as the place where giant spiders roam free and where every creature in nature is out to get you. However, there is more to this country than meets the eye. Australia is an exciting place to visit with rich history – knowing the history of Australia can teach you a lot.

Australia is a country that formed itself mostly through the arrival of colonies. Before the first fleets came through, Australia was originally the home of the Aborigines. They had lived on the land for thousands of years before the white people came.

Some would say that Australia is packed with violence and bloodshed. Most of the time, this is actually true. Looking at its origins, the first people who came to Australia were mostly convicts – all of which would have to get along with their guardians – and of course, the original inhabitants of the land.

History of Australia

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Australia had its fair share of wars that led to significant casualties. Some wars cut down the population greatly, whereas others sent people into economic turmoil. However, with every step back, Australia would take two steps forward. This country never had it easy. But its people had a clear goal of making a name for themselves in the world. They wanted to remain in history.

This book is here to help you with that knowledge. Australia not only helped shape itself – but it also helped shape the entire world. From the early colonies to the present days, the book will tell you the exact events that made Australia into what it is today.

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