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Sunday. The day of the week when we inform you about the latest free book promotion. And we are not making an exception this time. We already have 2 titles that are up for grabs, and it’s your turn to get your free copies.

The Great War: World War 1: The Most Important Events, People and Leaders From “1914” Through “1918”

Free book promotion - The Great War: World War 1

What happens when the world’s most powerful leaders, all determined to dominate the world, clash?

War. World War.

This is the story of the first world war, the great war. The then-biggest war to shake the globe. It is the story of the leaders, technological advancements, politics, and people that fueled a four-year conflict between countries and empires from every continent on the globe.

World History, Europe (World History Series Book 1)

World History, Europe (World History Series Book 1)We’ve come so far since our prehistoric beginnings. The world we know today is unlike anything past generations have witnessed and experienced. And yet, we all share a common history. Hence, it goes without saying that learning the history of the world is something we all owe to ourselves, especially if we want to better understand the society we live in today.

Don’t forget, the free promotion ends on Thursday (July 12). So, go grab these 2 books right away (click on the covers or titles) and make the most out of our latest free book promotion.

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