This week, we introduce our book on the history of Greece.

Many countries had the best moments of their history in the years after the birth of Christ. But Greece begins its history way before that. Greek history starts with the introduction of gold – through intriguing ancient Greece and leading all the way to Greece as we know it today.

It is not exactly known when the first civilization was actually formed. What historians do know is that it started off with the Minoan society – and went on with the Mycenaean civilization.

Greece had its highs and lows – but nonetheless, all of them shaped the entire world. The Olympian Games, for example, are an event that stands strong to this day – albeit with a few modifications. The Hellenic Era also brought a lot of culture into the world, with the knowledge going past the border of Greece. It was probably why so many people wanted dominion over the land.

From the Cradle of Western Civilization to Myths, Legends, Democracy and Modern Day Greek History

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No matter if you are Greek or not, it is important to know the history of this country. This book has one clear goal – to provide the most important events in Greek history. This way, you will discover how they affected Greece and influenced the rest of the world.

Remember: Greece is not only about beautiful beaches and sunshine. Greece is pure history, and every ruin or historical building is proof of that.

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