Being a gentleman is a wise choice. Our book addresses the issue of chivalry and why it is possibly the single, most attractive character trait a man should present. Plus, it outlines that being a gentleman is more than a adopting a style of conduct. It is rather about altering your way of thinking and living. That being said, it’s time for all (future) gentlemen to take note.

Gentlemen: what every modern man needs to know about manners and behavior

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The main purpose of this book is to help you learn how to develop the traits of a real gentleman. It will also assist you in becoming a respectable member of our society. While this is important to some extent, we also want to put the emphasis on the importance of this decision for your personal development. Only after you comprehend that this is, first of all, a choice you make for yourself, will you be able to make a positive impression on everyone surrounding you.

Our book is a must read for all men out there. No matter if you’re a student, a parent, a business person, teacher, a blue collar worker, a sales executive or a specialist in any other domain. It will help you improve yourself. Every self-respected man who yearns for professional and personal success should lead the life of a real gentleman.

It is no secret that the path of a gentleman is sometimes one of more resistance. But you will see it’s very much worth it. After all, a great way to measure whether you are doing it right in life is to take note of the amount of resistance you get from the world as you go about your way. The key, however, is to persevere – and this is one of the cornerstones of a true gentleman’s character.

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