It is with great pleasure that we are introducing another book by Forslund Music. This time, it’s all about ear training for beginners. But before we say a word or two about the book itself, we’d like to remind you that if you head over to the Forslund Music website, you’ll find all kinds of cool stuff about contemporary classical music. Blog posts, books, tips, music… they have it all! It’s a great website, and one that you should visit regularly. But now, let’s get back to our latest promo.

Ear Training: For Beginners

Check out the latest book by Forslund Music - Ear training for

You can get this book for only $2.99 on Amazon. However, there’s a promotion that starts tomorrow and ends Feb 8. You can get the book for free during this period.

Become a better musician by practicing ear training! This beginner’s guide will give you ideas for exercises, teach you how to become better at reading and hearing rhythm, and give you tips for learning intervals.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn with the help of this book:

  • Interval Training
  • Solfège
  • Chords and Inversions
  • Rhythm Training

The book suits those who’ve been playing an instrument or singing for a while, those who want to be able to find chords for melodies, sing harmonies and write down the music they’re hearing. It also discusses the foundations of Solfège, which is a particularly helpful tool for singers, as well as instrumentalists who wish to become better at reading music without having to rely on their instrument.

Get some quality ear training with this guide today!

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