Goodreads, the go-to online resource for book lovers across the globe, has recently dropped a list of books you must read this spring.
You can order all of them right away. They should ship out shortly.

1. The Glass Hotel
A woman disappears, money changes hands, and ghosts rise up from the past.
Release date: March 24

2. Afterlife
College professor Antonia Vega is looking forward to a quiet retirement, but it seems the universe has something different in mind.
Release date: April 7

3. Darling Rose Gold”
Rose Gold Watts was a terribly sick child. Confined to a wheelchair and susceptible to every illness, she spent much of her childhood in hospitals and surgical centers. It turns out she didn’t have to.
Release date: March 17

4. “Little Secrets: A Novel”
Marin’s life was shattered when someone kidnapped her son from right under her nose.
Release date: April 21

5. “Chosen Ones”
So you’re a teenage Chosen One and you fulfill the prophecy, defeat the Dark One, and…go home?
Release date: April 7

6. “The Lady’s Handbook for Her Mysterious Illness”
Sarah Ramey brings readers along into countless hospital rooms as doctors try and fail to diagnose the chronic illness.
Release date: March 17

7. “Wow, No Thank You”
Comedian and author Samantha Irby checks back in with her latest collection of essays on this weird American life.
Release date: March 31

8. “The Black Cabinet”
Release date: May 12

9. “Incendiary”
A memory thief must return to the court that used her magic against her own people.
Release date: April 28

10. “The Happy Ever After Playlist”
Warning: contains one extremely cute dog. 🙂
Release date: April 14

Source: Business Insider

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