We all need a good laugh every now and then. Some of these jokes are witty, some may seem preposterous or silly, but they will certainly make your day!

  1. Yesterday a book fell on my head. 
    Well, I only have my shelf to blame! 🙂
  2. The past, present and future walked into a bar. It was tense!
  3. Why did Shakespeare write with ink?
    Because he couldn’t decide which pencil to use… 2B or not 2B.
  4. Why do words and punctuation always end up in court? 
    To be sentenced!
  5. Whenever a character congratulates another character in a book for being clever, it basically means the author is congratulating himself for being smart.
  6. What are you doing in that wardrobe? Narnia business. :))
  7. Do you ever feel like you spend too much time reading? Yeah, me neither!
  8. Dinosaurs didn’t read. Now they are extinct!
  9. I have been reading a book about anti-gravity. 
    I just cannot put it down. 
  10. Keep calm. Seriously, you are in a library! 🙂

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