We understand it’s not easy being in a lockdown, not being able to do all those fun things you used to. But let’s look at the bright side. Now is the right time to relax and slow down your life a bit, while also protecting yours and your family’s lives. Trust us, you are doing just fine.

This time, we got some fun things you can do while practicing social distancing, so read on:

Order your favorite food

Don’t let the COVID-19 lockdown stop you from having the most delicious dinner. You can order it from restaurants all over your area.

Organize, organize

Now may be the right time for some spring cleaning. Organize your shelves and decks, and decorate them with fresh flowers.

Read a rare book

Internet Archive to the rescue. The group has created what it calls a National Emergency Library, removing any wait-list on more than 1.4 million books until June 30. Use this to your advantage.

Make masks

It’s fun! There are various designs, and what’s even more important – you are helping. All you need is some fabric, elastic and time.

Learn a new craft / get a new hobby

Knitting, painting, or maybe drawing? The choice is entirely yours.

Listen to podcasts

You have no idea how many fun and engaging podcasts have come up lately. Find your favorite topic and listen to a podcast about it.


Ever felt like you didn’t have enough time for cooking? Time to fix that. Surprise your family with a bunch of new and fabulous recipes. 🙂

Binge watch series/movies

Watch all the really long movies or series you’ve avoided until now.

Sing, dance, smile

Don’t let the pandemic wipe the smile off your face. Sing your heart out and dance. Tomorrow’s a new day. 🙂

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