It’s finally March. The sun wakes up from its winter dream, children “buzz” cheerfully, and flowers show the first sign of their blossom. Spring is almost here, and we can finally leave those endless freezing nights behind. Time to book a place at the local park (with a book, of course :)).

Since we all share the love for the first month of spring, we decided to uncover some fun facts about March that will help keep our spirits up.

  1. The Anglo-Saxons called the month Hlyd monath which means Stormy month, or Hraed monath which means Rugged month.
  2. In old Roman calendars, one year used to be ten months long, starting in March and ending in December.
  3. If you were born in March, your birth flower is a daffodil!
  4. March is the equivalent of September in the Southern Hemisphere.
  5. March is the time of year when animals start waking up from hibernation.
  6. The name for March comes from Mars, the Roman god of war. It was named as such in both the Julian and Gregorian calendars.
  7. March 20 – The sun shines on the equator for the Vernal Equinox, giving us a near 50-50 split of day and night.
  8. A study out of Austria found babies born at the end of March tend to be taller than others.
  9. An old proverb says that “March comes in a like a lion and goes out like a lamb”, which means that winter is ending and spring is beginning.
  10. Coca-Cola was introduced on March 29, 1886. 

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