This cozy Wednesday, we’re having traveling on the menu!

We all love it, and we all try so hard to manage our savings just to afford a few days of complete battery recharge. Also, you should know by now that books and traveling go amazingly well together! Hence, we made a list of European cities to visit at least once if you consider yourself a book lover.

1. London

Antiquarian bookshops. Foreign language collections. Feminist bookshops. Travel bookshops. European bookshops. And much, much more.

2. Edinburgh

Every year, Edinburgh hosts the world’s largest book festival, The Edinburgh International Book Festival. Don’t you dare miss it if you’re in the region!

3. Venice

Considering its rich culture and history, it’s no wonder that so many artists consider Venice the main source of inspiration for their novels or poetry.

4. Rome

Besides spectacular monuments, the Italian capital also has some of the best bookshops and libraries in the whole world.

5. Paris

Ah, Paris… Don’t forget to visit the oldest public library, Bibliothèque Mazarine.

6. Amsterdam

If you’re talking a walk on the Spui Square, you will see many bookshops of all kinds. It’s the reason this area is sometimes called Amsterdam’s book district.

Ultimately, we are sure there are many, many more places to visit if you fancy a good book, but let’s leave that for another time.

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