Spring is here, and since we are mostly at home practicing social distancing, we would like to recommend a few bookish goodies to lighten up your day.

  1. Rabbits for Food – by Binnie Kirshenbaum
    This novel offers a burst of energy, following a middle-aged woman’s mental breakdown and subsequent hospitalization. Get it on Amazon for $17.10.
  2. Library of Small Catastrophes – by Alison C.Rollins
    Favorite passage: “how dare the two of us make art when / god has ordered us to drown.”Get it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble for $16.
  3. The Organs of Sense – by Adam Ehrlich Sachs
    At its core, this is a story of a 1666 encounter between a young Gottfried Leibniz and a blind astronomer who makes the unlikely prediction of a solar eclipse. Get it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble for $26.
  4. Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage – by Bette Howland
    “Survivor. The word seemed like some primeval amphibian dragging itself up from a swirling sea and gasping toward the sand. Ignorant, tedious, triumphant word: containing so much of the pain and necessity of living.” Get it on Amazon for $26.
  5. Look How Happy I am Making You – by Polly Rosenwaike
    This debut short story collection centers on motherhood — women who do and don’t want to be mothers, women who are mothers or soon will be — and how the question of motherhood affects every other aspect of life. Get it on Amazon for $16.48.
  6. The Light Years – by Chris Rush
    Favorite passage: “To Mom, the past was something you sped by — and best to do it at ten miles over the speed limit, in a brand-new Cadillac.” Get it on Amazon for $17.70.
  7. Rough Magic – Riding the World’s Loneliest Horse Race – by Lara Prior – Palmer
    The author describes her tendency to question norms and invite chaos. This energy propels her through the race. Get it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble for $25.

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