Today we introduce our book on candle making.

Candles are the perfect items for everything. Do you want to set the mood in a room? Candles. Do you want to give the place a certain scent? Candles. Not entirely sure what to offer someone as a gift? You can never go wrong with candles. Basically, candles are a wonderful gift and purchase – one that can be bought from your average store. But what if you could also make them yourself? Yes, we are talking about candle making.

The first-made candles originated in Roman Italy. They provided light for thinkers – and were crucial in a time when electricity was not yet available. If you wanted to see in the dark, candles were likely your only way to shed some light into the room – literally. Now, these candles are mostly decorative. But you can still use them to create a softer light that is less troublesome than the main light of your room.

For many people, candle making can turn into a brilliant hobby – one that is more complex than it sounds. It takes a fair amount of talent, indeed. But most of it can also be learned. You just need to pay attention to a few particular details.

Do you want to pick up a new hobby or offer your friends a unique gift? You might not be able to get the perfect candles right off the bat. But with enough practice, you will certainly be able to do it. You just need to get a basic understanding of the equipment, as well as the techniques used to create the candles. The process will not be quick. The perfect candle may take up to a few hours to make. This will also depend on the type of candle you wish to create.

Candle Making: Learn How to Make Your Own Candles from Scratch

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Our new book will guide you through everything candle-related. From its history and origins to how to make one today. In a world powered by harsh electricity, let’s try to bring some light by using the classic methods.

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