Photo of man making beer.

Do you have a favorite beer brand? If yes, what do you like about it? You will very likely say that you like how it tastes and how it lets you loosen up after a long day at the office. However, is there a lingering thought at the back of your mind? Do you feel like there’s something missing? Even though what you’re drinking right now is your favorite beer, admittedly, you know it could be even better. Now, think about this: how about creating your own beer? This way, you will be taking everything you like about your favorite beer brand, and adding the things that you believe it lacks. Welcome to the craft of beer making!

Beer making: a guide to making and brewing your very own amazing beer at home

Beer making book coverThere’s a promotion that starts today and ends March 26. You can get the book for free during this period.

If you think that making your own beer at home is beyond your skills, then you better think again. There are actually thousands of amateur beer brewers all over the world right now, and most of them started just like you. Home brewing your own beer only requires that you have the proper equipment (which you can easily procure) and the basic knowledge about beer making (which you will learn in this book). So even a complete novice can learn to make their own, personalized beer.

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