Is there anything you don’t love about Autumn? Of course not. Not a single thing. First of all, it’s neither hot, nor cold. Second, everything is in golden shade. Lastly, there’s the rain. So romantic, right? Reading on a rainy day is like being in heaven. Period. 🙂

Even better, though, imagine the coziness and comfort of indulging in a marathon reading session after a long and hectic day. Your favorite book and a glass of warm wine. And no one to bother you, of course!

For the pleasure to be complete, we managed to find some stunning reading nooks, and give you ideas for your next DIY project. Are you excited already? Check these images right away!

  1. 2f6800ym5dc41Credit: u/caspiy 
  2. DIY Cozy Reading Nook                    Credit: Katrina | ksloves (Pinterest)
  3. 72 Reading Nooks Perfect For When You Need To Escape This WorldCredit: boredpanda.com
  4. cozy-reading-nooks-book-corner-71-5732d8beb6698__700Credit: boredpanda.com
  5. 9 Cozy Reading Nooks for Your Fall Mood - Cottage JournalCredit: The Cottage Journal
  6. A cozy corner to chill and spend the quarantine period_Credit: u/caspiy
  7. lynae ☾ on TwitterCredit: lynae
  8. Bohemian Jungle Office InspirationCredit: Vaughan House – Greenhouse
  9. Suíte do executivo casa cor 2013 varandas, alpendres e terraços modernos por bc arquitetos moderno _ homifyCredit: Homify-BR
  10. STOENSE medium grey, Rug, low pile, Diameter_ 130 cm - IKEACredit: IKEA

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