You’ve surely heard or read about people confessing how, through a near-death experience or under the influence of hallucination-inducing drugs, they have traveled outside their body. Or about how their dreams or meditation trances are so intensely vivid, that they are capable of feeling and living things that can’t be physiologically explained. Regardless of what you’ve heard about astral projection before, you’ve surely wondered if such experiences are actually possible and if they occur randomly or could be willingly induced.

Astral projection consists of detaching your spiritual form from the bodily one and going to places that you could not normally or easily access. Both earthly and spatial places. In a way, it is a flying and floating activity that allows you to explore a world beyond mundane reach. It is a truly magical adventure you too can embark on after going through this comprehensive guide.

The complete guide for beginners on astral projection, and how to travel the astral plane

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Are you eager to connect to your deepest nature? Do you want to probe the sense of powerfulness of being in touch with your metaphysical self? Then look no further! The purpose of this book is to help you better grasp the essence of your life psyche. Moreover, the possibility to astrally project your spiritual body indirectly suggests the verity of life after death claims. What could be more amazing than the idea of implicit eternity?

Take note, people that suffer from psychological disorders or other related issues should not give astral projection a try. It could impair their distinction between real experiences and out-of-body occurrences. Otherwise, it is a safe and harmless path you can choose to follow to improve the quality of your life.

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