Today we are discussing preplanned dates.

We all know how painful planning a date can be for a man. You have to constantly worry if you’re getting it right, ensure that you aren’t coming off as overly eager, and that your geek side isn’t showing. Literally a million things. After all, you want to make an impression – the right impression.

Sitting down and having to plan an elaborate date is not always a pleasant experience. In fact, you can say it sucks – there’s no two ways about it. But – it is also a necessity. Especially if you want to get yourself the girl of your dreams, remember the best girls are always worth it. So like it or not, you are going to have to work at this whole dating thing if you want to have a chance.

25 Amazing preplanned dates to help you skip over the planning straight to the dating!

The book on preplanned dates is currently free on Amazon. buyYou can get this book for only $2.99 on Amazon. However, there’s a promotion that starts today and ends May 9. You can get the book for free during this period.

This book is here to set things straight. All you have to do is sit back and burn through this little life saver and pick and, if necessary, adapt the date you think will impress her the most and simply go ask her out. You are quite literally all planned out. A couple phone calls, a few google searches and you, my friend, are good to go!

Let’s just keep in mind that dating is a very subjective matter, so you are going to have to bend the plots of these preplanned dates around a bit and make sure you follow the instructions to a T!

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