We can brag all day long about how much we love reading books. We can boast about our expertly designed bookshelves. Or, we can spend hours talking about the number of books we’ve hoarded over the years.

But there is one thing we rarely notice. The abundance of bookish words that keep enchanting us with their nonchalant nature. These are the words that captivate us and make sure we keep reading until dawn rises.

Here are 15 words that every book lover will want to integrate into their daily vocabulary β€” or at least into their weekly book club conversation. πŸ™‚

1. Ballycumber – One of six half-read books lying in your bed.

2. Bibliobibuli – People who read too much.

3. Biblioklept – A person who steals books.

4. Bibliophagist – A person who loves to read books; literally: a devourer of books.

5. Bookarazzi – A book lover who excitedly takes photos of the books they read and posts them online.

6. Dampstain – A stain left on a cover or pages after having been exposed to water.

7. Librocubicultarist – A person who reads in bed.

8. Page-a-vu – The experience of reading a book you’re sure you’ve never read before, but yet feels very familiar.

9. Scrollmate – An author with whom a reader feels a deep connection.

10. Smellbound – Captivated by the scent of books.

11. Princeps – First editions or first prints of books.

12. Sesquipedalian – Given to or characterized by the use of long words.

13. Epeolatry – The worship of words.

14. Colophon – A publisher’s emblem or imprint, usually on a title page of a book.

15. Hamartia – A fatal flaw that leads to the tragic downfall of the hero or heroine.

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